The day the spin cycle died

by aenoblin

My washing machine broke on Saturday.

I was just sure that my father, who can fix anything, could come over and get it going again just like magic. NOPE. My poor washing machine has finally bitten the dust. She served me well, really, so I can’t be mad at her. I bought the set used back in 2008 from some girl who lived in a house I was getting ready to rent. She was taking her damn sweet time moving out, and she pretty much told me that she’d be out two days earlier if she didn’t have to move her washer, dryer, and the massive chest of drawers she had in the house. But she’d be more than happy to leave them there for me…for a price.

I bought them, and they’ve worked great over the last few years. That washer has seen her fair share of crap…literally. I have a two year old and four dogs, plus a husband.

Like I said–I can’t be mad. Instead, I’ll be making a trip to the appliance store on my way home from work.

It’s just par for the course during the month of February. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that the house we’re living in is being sold, that my son was sick, and that my husband had to have new brakes on his car. Well, now MY car needs new breaks, my mother-in-law has shingles, and my washing machine is broken.


That’s all there is to it. It always has, and it always will. For now, I’m just going to laugh about it, because if I don’t I’ll go insane.

I didn’t get any editing done over the weekend. I’m going to try and wait until I get a few more critiques. But I have printed off the newest draft. I spent a good deal of my time going through the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents, which I highly recommend to anyone trying to find representation. I realize I’m not really in any position to be giving advice, but just in case you were looking for some–there ya go. I have been going through the book with three highlighters and a system (pictured below). I’m highlighting the agencies I think would be best suited to receive my work in pink, second place agencies get yellow, and third place get green. After I’ve gone through the book, I’ll start researching the agencies online (if they have a website) and I’ll find the agent within the agency that is mostly likely to be interested in my work. From there, I’ll begin to tailor my query letter to that agent.

It takes my mind off the impending doom of writing another draft. And maybe if I just sit still in one location it’ll be at least a few hours before anything else goes wrong. :-/