Baby, it’s cold outside (and I’m freezing my ass off!)

by aenoblin

I got an email today from my agent. She says she plans to begin submitting Stay (or resubmitting for some publishers) towards the end of January when the publishing houses open again. Apparently, even publishers need a break. I know it could be, and very likely will be, months before I hear anything, but it gives me something to look forward to. I know what the odds are like. But I’m going to continue to hope against hope. Besides, everytime I get an email or phone call from her I get school girl excited.

Last week I got a year-end-review type of email from her. It was sent out to all of the writers she represents, I assume. It listed all of her sales in 2013 and also listed the anticipated releases for 2014. It was impressive. I mean, I don’t really know how many books an agent should sell a year, but it seemed like a good number. I tried to Google this info, but didn’t come up with any solid numbers. I also appreciate the transparency. I feel like I can brag about my agent’s stellar sales. I already knew about many of them–they’re listed on the website. I’m just so thrilled to be a part of it all.

Of course, some would say I’m still in the Honeymoon Phase with my agent. They may be right, but I don’t see any reason not to enjoy it. I mean, afterall, isn’t that what a honeymoon is for?

I’ve written about author/agent/ Noah Lukeman before in previous posts. I think his How to Land (and keep) a Literary Agent is a stellar read for anyone beginning the querying process. It answers at LOT of questions. It is a good place to start, even if (maybe even especially if) you’re not quite to that querying phase yet. He’s also written another great piece called Ask A Literary Agent: Year One that you can access free. It answers all of those questions that first-time authors and first-agented authors might have about the agent/author relationship–you know, all those questions you’re secretly afraid to ask your OWN agent.

I guess I should get back to writing If I’m going to accomplish my word count goal for the day. I have a word count goal of 1,000 words for every day (except weekends when I know better than to expect anything). This weather–lots of snow and WAY BELOW FREEZING temps–here in Missouri has made me quite lazy. (My friend who lives in North Dakota is rolling her eyes at me right about now.) It sounds odd, but once I go back to work next week I’ll surely be more productive. I work best when I can be on a schedule. I don’t always meet my goal, and some days I go above and beyond it. The ultimate goal for Just Fine With Caroline is to be finished with the first draft by the end of May. That gives me about five months.

My child is still awake…so…wish me luck!