Toes in the sand

My family and I left for Gulf Shores, Alabama on Friday. So far, I’ve been totally ignoring the fact that I promised I’d get some writing done. All I’ve done is think about what I want to write as I lie in bed at night.  

I know a lot of people probably use their vacation time for…well…vacation. But I do some of my best writing while on vacation. The change of scenery invigorates me. My mindset is different, and that means that I have the opportunity to write pieces that I might not normally write. 

Of course, I’m spending a lot of time keeping my toddler from running straight into the salty arms of the ocean. He is not afraid of water. This makes me happy and terrified all at the same time. I’m glad he’s such a water baby. But I’m literally having nightmares about him being carried away by the tide. 

About 10 miles from Gulf Shores is a little town called Foley. It’s got tons of cute, little thrift and antique shops. It also boasts an old hotel called The Magnolia. This year when we drove by we noticed that The Magnolia is for sale. It gave me an idea for my next novel, and I’ve begun working on the details (in my head only, of course, ha!). I want to go back to Foley sometime this week and walk around the hotel and maybe take a few pictures.  

But right now, this is what I’m doing: